Looking for sound legal advice on matters that arise in your business and/or legal interest in Ethiopia? Abnet Law can serve as a pillar of legal stability to help you manage compliance requirements, risk management decisions, and provide guidance on all your business in Ethiopia.

We advise both domestic and international clients on a wide range of issues, including foreign investment & privatizations, mergers & acquisitions, business & company formation, partnerships & joint ventures, purchases & sales of businesses, taxation, import & export, employment, corporate reorganization & restructuring, and general corporate as well as corporate governance issues.

We are also drafting legal documents and reviewing existing ones to make sure they are protecting our clients’ rights as well as to ensure they are enforceable under Ethiopian legal jurisdiction. Furthermore, we provide full assistance to our clients on a verity of licenses and certificates for their business. We also make and follow up our clients’ legal requests and applications in any State and Federal government agency.