Civil Litigation and Criminal Defense

At Abnet Law, we can represent you in all levels of Addis Ababa city’s and Federal Courts. We handle a variety of civil litigation, from breach of contract, tortious interference, assault, family dispute, personal injury, and labor disputes. Whatever the case, if you seek redress for your wrongs, or defense of a frivolous lawsuit against you, our firm can economically, professionally, and aggressively handle your case. Abnet Law also handles all kinds of family lawsuits, including divorce, child custody and maintenance cases, and cases pertaining to inheritance property.

Abnet Law defends individuals who are facing all criminal and quasi-criminal charges. If you are facing any type of criminal charge, Abnet Law can offer the best and aggressive criminal defense service for you. We know the consequences of a criminal conviction can have not only an immediate but also a long-lasting effect. At Abnet Law, we ensure you that we will fight your case tirelessly and will defend you with every means at our disposal in order to obtain the best result possible.

If you have a civil dispute or are accused of a criminal offence and wish to obtain information on your legal rights and defenses, contact us to go over the details of your case.

Feel free to contact us via our Contact Form, or to email us at, or to call us on our phone +251 (09) 539 460 40 to speak with our attorney for an initial consultation.